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Leh for first time bikers.

This page is been set up for those people who are visiting Leh for the first time and have a lot of questions in mind. 

Every year bikers from across the globe plan to ride on what is termed as one of the Best /Toughest routes to ride in the world, the 475 kms long Manali – Leh Highway. The Manali-Leh highway is a roller-coaster ride of high-altitude passes, bad roads, landslides, glacial melts, broken bridges and what not. So don't mistake it for 475 kms on a normal highway and a single day's ride.

Almost half of the length of this highway is above 13000Ft. The route passes through five high altitude passes including Taglang La 17,480ft (Second highest pass in the world). The terrain is so high and so barren as to have no settled habitation, infrastructural support is at a bare minimum. No repair or service stations after Keylong, no petrol pumps after Tandi for about 350 Kms, almost no “Proper” accommodation on highway. But this scenario on the Manali – Leh Highway gives the excitement of planning, adventure and bliss while riding and Memories of a lifetime after the trip.


1. Planing:

As most of you guys would be coming from places much far away from Manali or in fact India, It’s very essential to plan your tour right. Most of the people are not aware of the harsh road conditions, high altitudes, lack of facilities enroute and simply what they are getting into. The highway is open for just about 4 months, from June till September – Oct.

There can never be a perfect plan to ride on this highway, simply because the road conditions are different every year owing to landslides, amount of snowfall, glacial melts and the progress of Border Roads Organization (BRO), an Army support organization whose job is to build and maintain all roads leading to the Indian Borders.

Each individual or group of bikers have their own plan for the Manali – Leh highway. Some want to do it in one day, some in two days, some in four  and others have no specific plan. Many times People Mistake this 475 kms road as city highway road and they think they can do it in 10-12 hours. Well it’s a Big Misunderstanding. This route is full of bad roads (some places almost no roads), River Crossings, Slush, glacial melts, Broken Bridges etc. All this is what makes this route thrilling and full of adventures.

Many bikers rush through this stretch, which is a crime. Manali-Leh should be done leisurely. Your first ever ride on this stretch will be the best; no matter how many times you ride on this road thereafter, you cannot beat your first experience on this route. So for first timers, make sure you have enough time to spend it on this route.


2. The Ride Preperations:

We Strongly advise you to complete Manali to Leh in 3 days. This will help your body get clematise with the High Altitude. We have often seen people trying to be brave and telling us they are “professional” riders and they can do it in two day. It is possible if you don’t suffer from Ams and if you are fit for the next days riding after riding one complete day. But is it fun? Not at all … you are to enjoy the drive, the route, the challenges, being out on the road not rush out from one point to another. There is no point in riding this route if you want to just rush. Take your time, the terrain keeps changing after few kms and they is so much beauty to see and capture in your Camera.

One you arrive in Manali you have to stay a night here. You will be only allowed to cross rohtang pass from 6 Am to 11 Am as its declared one way from this year onwards.

When you are renting a motorbike, it’s always advised to test it before you head out on your adventures. So therefore we Advice all our clients to hire the bike on the day they arrive. Every bike is different. Even though you may have the same bike back home it will be different to ride another bike. Also it will take you few kms to get your hands on the bike and get familiar with the machine. On this day you can visit Places around Manali. Also this is a good way of testing the bike you are going to have for the rest of your trip. During this test run if you encounter any problem wiith the bike or you need some adjustments as per your need, we have time to fix them all up.

At dusk you should get you bike all set and ready including final checkup, Full gas tank, all your bungee chords and also fill up the spare cans , check up your tool kit and have an early night hoping that it will be clear weather for the next morning.

3.The Ride:

Next Part Coming Soon !

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