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Rent Includes

* Unlimited Kilometers
* Safe Luggage Storage Facility
* Travel and Riding TIps
* Travel Maps
* Rider Helmets
Good Energies !

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One Way Deals

Sometime you decide to go touring and dont want to come back the same way. If that is the case, then we at bike rentals manali give you an option to drop the bike in one of the cities metioned below. This way you dont have to worry about driving all the way back on the same route. Following are the cities you can drop the bikes in :-

  • Leh :- Costs 10,000 Rs / Bike
  • Srinagar :- 15000 Rs/Bike

  • Dhramsala :- 6000 Rs / Bike

  • Jammu : – 8000 Rs/Bike.

  • Kasol :- 2500 Rs / Bike

  • Shimla :-  6000 Rs / Bike

  • Chandigarh :- 7000 Rs / Bike

  • Delhi :- 10000 Rs / Bike

If you plan to leave the bike at any other destination, Please contact us and we can help you with that. As many people missunderstand one way deals, these prices are the amount that you pay if you leave the bike at any of the above destinations on TOP OF THE RENT of the bike. 

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