About Manali, India


Manali is located in the northern end of kullu Valley in Himachal Pardesh, India at an altitude of 1950m or 6400ft. It is located at 32.239633 N,77.188715 E. Manali has a population of approx 31000. Manali's major asset is its proximity to the snowline. It is a flourishing orchard industry, popular honeymoon destination, populsar for skeing, paragliding, trailhead for numerous treks as well as a great countryside ideal for adventure sport lovers.

This small town was the begning of an ancient trade route to Ladakh. 




Little History :

"One day, Varvasvata, the seventh incarnation of Manu found a tiny fish in his bathing water. The fish told him to look after it with devotion as one day it would do him a great service. The seventh Manu cared for the fish till the day it grew so huge that he released it into the sea. Before departing, the fish warned Manu of an impending deluge when the entire world would be submerged and bade him to build a sea worthy ark. When the flood came, Varvasvata and seven sages were towed to safety by Matsya, the fish which is regarded as first avatar of Lord Vishnu. As the water subsided the seventh Manu's ark came to the rest on a hill side and the place was named Manali (2000 m) after him. 

As the flood slowly dried, here arose a place of breath- taking natural beauty which was only appropriate at Manali that life began again. "


Manali is named after Brahmin lawgiver Manu. Manu is the mythological character who is supposed to have survived when the world was dropped in flood. The word Manali literally means " The Abode of Manu". Legend has it that sage Manu Stepped off his ark in Manali to recreate human life after a great flood had deluged the world. Manali is also know as "Valley of Gods". The Old Manali village has a ancient temple dedicated to sage Manu. Manali and the surrounding area is of great significance to Indian culture and heritage as it is said to be the home of the Saptarshi, or Seven Sages.




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