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Leh being the centre point of Ladakh region, has a fairly straight forward approach from both Srinagar and Manali. In both cases, one has to travel along the indus and enter a wide valley; and like most villages of the region, Leh town is also situated on a vast flood plain. A wide road leads to the Leh town from both Srinagar and Manali routes.  Enroute Leh from Manali you will come across the SDM hospital on your left and further couple of hundred meters is the bus stand and taxi stand on the left and finally turning the loop just before you enter the “Gateway of Leh” with many stupas around. The town is small with a prominent landmark being the erstwhile seat of the ruler of Ladakh, The Leh Palace, overshadowing it.  The main town has a one way traffic regulation with the main road entering the bazaar is on the southern end. The western side of the bazaar has the main tourist centric amenities while the eastern side is mainly the old town,

Most of the shops, restaurants, taxi stand, travel agents, ATMs, Internet cafes, money exchange, post office etc are just around this one way loop. As for hotels and guest houses, there are many, suiting everyones tastes and budget. Majority of them are within half or one kilometer distance from the main market. Ladakh might not provide you with exclusive and five starred luxurious accommodation but there are plenty of well furnished, neat and cozy hotels available for a comfortable stay. Within the town itself, there are plenty of hotels to suit various budgets. In addition to hotels, there are many guest houses that provide homely ambiance and nice countryside view. Also, there are innumerous camp sites spread across the length and breadth of the Ladakh region which provide you an experience of a lifetime.

The rates for Hotels and guesthouses are fixed by the government but its not uncommon to bargain for a better price. Food is usually served on demand but few hotels and guest houses serve complimentary  breakfast, so you might want to check on that. Hot water facility is available in most hotels and guest houses and you might also want to check if the place for accommodation has a power backup since Ladakh has major power issues. In terms of accommodation, leh town can be divided into following zones:

·Leh Town: Leh town is the most concentrated area in terms of habitation with lesser nature surrounding the hotels and guest houses, but being in the town means you are in vicinity of everything.

·Old Road: Its on the downhill south east of Leh with hotels and guest houses on both sides of the road. But being on a downhill road means that you will have to walk up every time you go to the market. Also the constant noise from the road may be a bother.

·Fort Road: Fort Road is also on downhill to west of the Leh town and stretches a couple of kilometers. It starts from one of the busiest tourist centric markets of the town. It has the widest choice of hotels and guest houses which provide a good view of country side.

·Changspa: About a couple of Kms plain walk from the town market, Changspa is the most concentrated and sought after place to stay in Leh. The area has plenty of greenery with a nice little stream running through it. The area also has a wide spread of courtyard restaurants and is a popular hang out spot for most western tourists.

·Sankar: About 3 kms from the main town on a gradual uphill, Sankar village has the least concentration of commercial buildings. There are vast expanses of greenery and the accommodation options here provide a nice view of the Leh Valley. Almost every house here has a place to stay with some agriculture land, a green house and kitchen garden.

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