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Information about Permits from Leh.

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012


There is good news for indian tourist who have a small amount of time and dont want to waste a day applying for permits in Leh. From this May onwards Inner line permits are NOT required to indian nationals. Your ID ( License, Pan card, Passport etc ) would work as your permit is anyone checks it at any post along the way. But you would still require a permit if you visit remote places like Hanle, Chusul, Chumur , Marsimik La and batalik Sectors. 

However Foreign Nationals still require a permit  like before. Guide on how to get one is given below on this page. 

Here is a copy of the circular for Reference. ( Credits : Kumar HV Fan and Forum on Facebook)

Inner Line Permits Leh Not required for indians



Inner Line Permits Leh

Inner Line Permits Leh 4

Inner Line Permits Leh 2


Tourist don't require permit for Leh. However, all foreigners who are travelling by road are required to register at Koksar, Darcha, Sarchu, Pang and Upshi on their way to Leh. Those traveling by air get themselves registered at the airport. All the Tourists (indian/foreigners) are required to get a permit for restricted areas like  Khardung La, Tsomoriri, Tsokar, Pangong Lake and Nubra Valley, which can be obtained through registered travel agencies or DC office which is located in Leh town . Make it sure to carry at least 10 photocopies of the permit while traveling, to submit at the Checking points.

Here is the Process for Indian Citizens :-

For Indian Citizens, Process is very simple : The DC's office is near the Polo Ground.

Go to the DC office, it's next to the polo ground.

Take a handwritten application along with you. Application should state

1 – That you are an Indian national

2 – The list of areas that you wish to travel to AND the travel dates AND also the number of days. I would personally advise : Also, put in extra dates for duration of the permits. Say you are planning to leave ladakh by the 10th day, take permits upto the 15th day ( there's no extra charge anyways ) so that just in case you want to stay a day extra here or there, you dont have to go for permits again.

3 – Your full name incl. father's name and correspondence address – Ok to write the full address of only one member and the cities for the rest.

Go to the ADC and get this application signed off by him. He'll shall usually do it without any bother.

Then take this signed off application to the permit office, that's the office on your left just as you enter the DC office compound.

Ask him for the form to be filled up..( Or you can Download the form Here ). he'll probably give you 1 copy and ask you to make 3 more copies of the same ( there is a copier shop just a few hundred metres from the DC office).. get the copies done and fill up the details on all the copies….

Fill up the form and get it initialled by the head clerk… and take it from him and again approach the ADC for his signature…

Once that is done .. again take the forms and go to the head clerk… he'll take two copies for their records… and stamp and give one back to you…

well… your ILP's are ready…

This process may sound complicated and long drawn… but believe me it's very easy and wont take more than 20 mins if all concerned are in office…

OR, take the easy way out – ask your hotel / travel agent to get them for you. He'll charge something between 100 – 300 Rs. for getting it for you. If you go by this method – check that the locations that you plan to travel are specifically written in the permits. Usually, the agents write the general routes that everybody take and miss out any location that you might be travelling.

Once you have the permits – first thing you do is to get around 10-15 copies made as you shall have to handover 1 copy at all the traffic points as you will not find any coy machins at an altitude of 18,000Ft. ))

(Source: Permits Requirement for Leh – India Travel Forum |, For The Application form :Devil On Wheels)




  • Permits are issued from DC office in Leh. Application submission timings are from 9.00 Am till 3.00 Pm however its better to be there at earliest time you can. DC office is closed on Sundays.

  • Permit fees is 20 Rs/person/day. 

  • Photocopy of your nationality Proof is required ( Passport, Pan card, etc)

  •  Application form is supposed to be carefully filled. 

  • Sample Application form can be downloaded from Here.

  • Be Precise on places you want to visit. Because if the place is not mentioned in the permit, you'll not be allowed to go there. 

  • A written application is also required beside the application form for the approval of your permits.  In the application, you need to express your interest to visit the places you wish to travel along with the dates you would be visiting these places.

  • Make Sure the Request letter and the application forms are in SYNC.

  • Validity of the inner line permits are 3 weeks for Indians and 1 week for foreigners. However, there is no limit on the number of times you enter a place in the valid period provided you have the permits with you for that place.

  • Permits for Changthang are issued only to Indian Nationals not for foreign tourists.

  • If you need less hassle and less running around, best bet will be to let a travel agent sort out the permits for you. however they will charge you anything between 100-350 Rs.. 


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